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The Sparql Editor page can be accessed through the main VocBench menu on the top blue stripe. .

The editor is divided into three parts:

Query Editing

The query editing section of the SPARQL Editor contains a text area for typing the query. A syntax completion helper (see figure below, where prefixes are being suggested) is automatically activated at each section of the query where it might provide suggestions. Syntax checking and highlighting are also features of this editor.

The syntax completion helper and syntax checking/highlighting features have been made available by adapting the open source YASGUI SPARQL editor to the VocBench environment. Besides the inclusion in the environment of VocBench, the completion has been improved to provide not only language syntax completion, but also (to a limited extent) live suggestions from the data present in the managed project (e.g. available prefix/namespace mappings).


Results Area

The results area of the SPARQL Tab shows the results of the submitted query:

Exporting results

The results obtained from a SPARQL query can be exported to an external file.

export formats

Currently the following formats are supported:

In the case of RDF, it is possible to use the same RDF Transformation Processors that can be used for the export of the whole dataset.