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Namespaces and Imports section

Namespaces and Imports

The Namespaces and Imports section (see figure below) of the Metadata View allows users to set prefix-namespace mappings, to owl:import ontology vocabularies and to edit the ontology mirror, a local mirror of ontologies stored within

metadata management

Namespace Management

The namespace management section allows for two operations:


Please notice that the operation described in this section allows the users to owl:import an ontology, that is to state that the ontology being edited in VB depends on the content of another ontology and thus has to import its content. If the intent is instead to load the data that has to be edited inside the project, then the load data functionality from the Global Data Management menu should be selected.

The imports panel in the Namespace and Imports section allows the authorized user to owl:import ontology vocabularies into the current project. The menu offers four options, as in figure below:

import menu

The options refer to the source where to look for the ontology and to the possible caching of the ontology on VB's ontology mirror

In the following example, the FOAF ontology is being imported, and stored in the mirror as file foaf.rdf

importing the FOAF ontology

The other options are the following:

After the ontology has been imported, it will be added to the tree of imports in the Imports section and its content will be visible, with a lighter color, in the various data views. In the figure below, the classes of the FOAF ontology are visible in light orange. The lighter color means that they are read-only elements.

import menu

Ontology Mirror Management

After ontologies have been imported, if they have been also stored in the mirror, they will be listed in the Ontology Mirror Management section (figure below, for the FOAF example above).

importing the FOAF ontology

For each entry in the mirror, it is possible to update its content, with options analogoues to those present in the Import menu.