Metadata Vocabularies Section

The Metadata Vocabularies View (see figure below) allows users to define metadata at the level of the entire dataset according to different Metadata Vocabularies, such as VoID, LIME, DCAT, ADMS, etc...

Each Metadata Vocabulary is characterized by the following:

In the following picture, the manager for VoID/LIME has been chosen (as LIME is an extension of VoID, we developed a single manager for both vocabularires) and the required metadata properties have been filled up

metadata vocabularies

After that, by choosing "Export" (button at the bottom-right part of the page), a VoID/LIME metadata file of the edited dataset has been generated (figure below)

dataset metadata export

Whether it has been exported or not, the metadata information for the dataset can always be saved so that it can be inspected or modified later.