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This documentation page is focused on VocBench 3, the new version of VocBench.

Documentation for the previous version of VocBench, VB2, can be found here.

A comparison of the two versions of the system is available here.

Requirements and Installation


The following technologies are needed to be installed in the server machine.


Installation of the system is pretty immediate:

Quick Test Drive

Following the installation, you may want to try a quick test drive (work in progress)


The user manual details all (well, all..we are always improving the application, and we hope to keep up with the docs!) the operations that users can perform on the application.

The developer manual provides behind-the-stage information for VB developers, third party developers and anybody interested in how VB works

SKOS Development Pages

While not intended as a full SKOS guide, the SKOS Development pages provide insights on aspect of SKOS development which are usually less known, best practices and also typical modeling issues and how they are dealt with in VocBench.