VocBench 2 Documentation

This documentation page is focused on VocBench 2.

Requirements and Installation


The following technologies are needed to be installed in the server machine.


An installation manual is available on the Vocbench wiki.

Quick Test Drive

Following the installation, you may want to try a quick test drive

User Manual

In collaboration with us, the VocBench User team from FAO has produced a complete user manual with step-by-step instructions for performing all of the operations allowed by VocBench.

Concerning the creation of a new project, more details (options, configuration etc..) can be obtained from the related section of the Semantic Turkey user manual.

The complete list of changes is reported in the project changelog file.

Advanced User Manual

The advanced user manual deals with advanced features related to system customization/reconfiguration.

Developer Manual

The developer manual provides behind-the-stage information for VB developers, third party developers and anybody interested in how VB works


A FAQ page lists answers to the most frequently asked questions on the community group

SKOS Development Pages

While not intended as a full SKOS guide, the SKOS Development pages provide insights on aspect of SKOS development which are usually less known, best practices and also typical modeling issues and how they are dealt with in VocBench.