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VocBench Downloads

We report here downloads for VocBench 2, the current version of VocBench in production, and for VocBench 3, the new version of VocBench still under development.

VocBench 2 Downloads

VocBench 2 latest installation package is available from its bitbucket page. Check the documentation page for detailed instructions about its installation

The source code of VocBench 2 is available via GIT from its project site.

VocBench 3 Downloads

The source code of VocBench 3 is available via GIT from its project site.

VocBench3 is dependent on two other pieces of software developed by the ART team:

which, being evolving with it, are still not updated on Maven Central, thus they need to be built together with VB.

The coordinates for the GIT repositories hosted on Bitbucket are the following:

Being a development site, the latest version is not guaranteed to be stable (though generally it is).

These are the latest commits that are guaranteed to be stable (this version still had no dependency on lime-api)

CODA needs just to be built through Maven, and it will be resolved as a dependency when building Semantic Turkey.

Semantic Turkey is the backend server for VocBench and needs to be run together with the VocBench web application. Instructions for running them are available on the README files of their respective repositories.