User administration


The User Management page allows the administrator to view all the users registered on the system and to manage them.

This page is basically splitted in two section: the left one lists the users and the right one shows their detials or allows to customize their ResourceView visualization.

User Management

The user list

The Users panel lists all the user registered. Beside each of them there is a status icon:

In addition the administrator users are distinguished by means a further "wrench" icon.

In the panel heading there are three buttons: Active, Inactive, New that activate filters (all "true" by default) for filtering in/out users who have been activated by the administrator, who are still pending activation (new) or who are inactive due to an explicit deactivation. Through the + button the administration can also create new users.

User details

When a user is selected in the Users panel, its details are shown in a panel on the right side of the page. On the panel heading a status-switch allows the administrator to activate/deactivate the selected user. Moreover an "Administrator" button allows to promote a user to the role of administrator (multiple administrators are admitted). Similarly it is possible to revoke the administrator status to a user by clicking again on the same button if enabled.
On the panel footer two further buttons allow the administrator to delete a user or to change the user password. The latter is an alternative to the "Forgot password" procedure.
Finally, at the bottom of the right section there are listed the user assigned projects.

Resource View template

From the top right corner of the page it is possible to switch to the "Template" editor. This editor allows to force/customize the visualization of the ResourceView for the selected user. For further details about the templates see here.

User template