User Accessing the Platform

The Opening Screen

The landing page for VocBench appears as in the following figure. Here it is possible to log in by prompting the email used for registering on the system and the chosen password. Note that, even though the user has been created, it must have been "activated" by the administrator in order to be able to log in.

Opening Screen

Accessing a Project

After logging in, users will be prompted with the list of projects they are allowed to access. Note that, in order for a project to be present in the list, the following two conditions must be true:

Opening Screen

After having chosen the project to access, the project landing page will be shown, as in the following figure. Note as some options might not be available to the user (e.g. no validation, history is greyed out, only ICV available among the tools, etc..), depending on the roles that the user has in the project

Project Landing Page