Collaboration System


VocBench provides a collaboration mechanism which allows users to link any RDF resoruce inside a project loaded into VocBench to a collaboaration platform. At the moment, a Jira implementaion is provided with VocBench itself.

Jira Collaboration endpoint configuration

Once a VocBench project has been selected, the JIRA Collaboration endpoint can be configured from the VB main toolbar


The first time, you need to configure all the required parameters to connect to a Jira repository:


After clicking configure and selecting Jira Backend for Backend type, fill other fields (only Server URL is mandatory, the other two, Jira Project Key and Jira Project Id should be filled only if the Jira Project is already know, otherwise their values can be obtained from the Jira repository afterwards or a new Jira project can be created from the dedicate UI).


Then you need to provide the credentials (Username and Password)


If the non mandatory parameters (Jira Project Keyand Jira Project Id) were not specified, it is now possible to create a new Jira Project or connect to an existing one, using the UI. To use an existing Jira Project, select it from the list and press Ok. To crete a new one, click on + and then set the key and name.



Assign a Jira task to an RDF Resource

Once a Jira Project as been assigned to a VB Project (either by creating a new Project or by selecting an existing one), it is now possible to assing a Jira Issue to an RDF Resource. This can be done by selecting a Resource inside VB and then clik on the ! in the upper right part. There are two possibilities:


When creating a new Jira Issue, two parameters are asked: Summary, mandatory and Description, optional. When assigning an existing Jira Issue, a list of existing Issues is provided, and the user need to select one of them. If a resource has one or more Jira Issues assigned, then its ! is blue and not black.

List all Jira Issues

It is possibile to see all the Issues of the Jira Project associated to the current VB Project. This can be achieved from the VB main toolbar (the same menu entry used before to assign a Jira Project). For every Jira Issue, the key, the summary and the list of RDF Resources associated to such Jira Issue: