System Start

After stating the system, I do not see the expected VB page when I access its address on the browser

This may happen because the OSGi environment has not yet loaded all of the required components for providing VocBench, but it is already able to reply if its address is being accessed

If you happen to see the karaf login prompt:

karaf login on slow start

it means that KARAF, the OSGi container hosting VocBench, has not yet loaded the user interface of VB3.

If you see an error dialog with the "not found" msg, as in figure below:

not found error on system start

the VB client has been loaded, but the services are not yet responding. This can happen always (depending on how fast and powerful the server is, how many projects are present, if it is the first start, if there are updates being done, etc...

If you are running VocBench locally on your machine or, in any case, can monitor the messages being logged at startup, you should look for the "ST Started" message being logged. When that message is logged, VB should be up. If it is not, there might still be some asynchronous procedures being finalized, but it should be ready soon

If you cannot access the console or logs of VB, grab a cup of coffee and come back soon ;-)

Project Creation

Q. Why after trying to create a project I get an error message such as the following?


This happens when the user is trying to create a project connecting to a remote triple store, using the history and/or validation features, and the remote triple store does not contain the change-tracking sail component.

Pls check that the change-tracking sail component has been deployed on the remote triple store, as per the instructions here.


Q.Deprecated concepts cannot be edited anymore?

By default, VB restricts to edit any deprecated concepts. In order to enable editing, The Administrator can:

  1. go to Group management page
  2. Select the desired group which will be allowed to edit deprecated concepts
  3. Select group action (TERM-EDIT)
  4. Click [+] button from the Group actions box
  5. Tick the checkbox with the ‘Deprecated' status, and click the [Add] button.

This will enable editing of deprecated terms. After editing, term’s status will be change ‘Revised' and after validation to ‘Published'.

Bugs and Issues

Q. When reconnecting to VB3, I cannot see the effects of the last changes I brought to my dataset

This happens in old versions of VB3. If your project uses a local repository backed by NativeStore, then most probably this is due to a bug in RDF4J for which NativeStore repositories might not be properly persisted if the server is closed abruptely, without closing the project holding the repository first.

As we suggest in the installation instructions, it is better for your stable projects to adopt a separate triple store, as described in the system administrator manual.

In any case, projects with local repositories using in-memory store are not affected by this issue.